I could just let it all go and start calling this a mommy/pregnancy blog. Regale you with stories of constipation and crying on the playground for no explicable reason. Instead, I'll just apologize. I'm sorry I'm not being a good little writer-down-er. It's just that I've been busy crying on the playground everyday. 

My OB-GYN visits are amazing. With the other pregnancies I was excited to be read the number on the measuring tape, to hear the little galloping heart beat. Now, I drop trou every month and get to see my little sloth being all cute and stuff. Last week, we went to the über sonographie place and had all the tiniest details explained to us. The size of her (her!) little thigh bone, the number of kidneys (two) and the beating of the heart. And then, with the flick of a switch and without any warning, the screen changed from the familiar black and white scene ...

To this one:

That's our little girl, nuzzled up to the placenta, arm up above her head. She healthy and growing well. I had always expected this type of ultrasound to be creepy to the max, but it wasn't so bad! 

So that's what I've been up to, mostly. Growing a baby. We did go to France for a few days and made some mighty fine Christmas crafts that I plan to write about soon. And Miss Eloise's birthday party is on Friday, with sieben kliene Kinder, so that should be interesting. Stay tuned, please, and keep in touch! 
12/12/2012 02:16:03 am

Still creepy to the max, I couldn't look. But I'm sure she's beautiful. Sorry to hear about the public crying fits, I hope they're not too embarrassing.

12/12/2012 03:30:12 am

It's mere weeping, no sobs or anything vocal.

12/12/2012 06:34:02 am

I think the little sloth is adorable. She has our cheekbones, don't you think?

14/12/2012 12:41:02 am

I miss you and the girls so so much, wish we could share your third pregnancy experience together. Glad she's perfect, I wouldn't expect anything less. :)

14/12/2012 04:16:21 am

Thanks Sarah, that means a lot! xo

14/12/2012 10:22:07 am

Very cute baby in belly. Sounds like you have great doctors as your always one for wanting in on as much info as possible. Think of yous often. Do wish we could share this with yous be there to baby sit the girls be an at hand aunty but do know we send our love and wishes from a distance. Yes I agree kinda been lacking in getting in touch :( . I love the redo on the blogs look :) . Hope that your party went well today. I heard that you look wonderful and pretty :) didn't hear about crying :/ cheer up we know you don't like parks didn't think it was that bad...just kidding we love you. Take care all of yous xo.


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