I'm fighting a cold and it's winning.  Our apartment is in pieces and I'm trying to get in the Christmas spirit.  Canada is a blur of a memory and there is a permanent drizzle all around us back here in Münster.  I'm hoping for a burst of energy to happen any time now so I can upload some pictures and tell some stories of the last few weeks.  Or maybe accomplishing just one of the above two is a more attainable goal.  Please bear with me.  This website will be mucho interesting again in no time.  Here's to hoping!
29/12/2011 03:55:01 am

For some reason the spirit was hard to get into this year. It was great getting to see you's tho. I did hang my gift in my window and the kids haven't stopped using the gifts you got them aswell, and Bob's well his is gone lol. I heard the girls got really nice outfits happy to hear. Love ya's miss you's. Hoping you's can pull through anything tossed your way. xo

29/12/2011 04:56:15 am

Thanks Tasha!!! xoxo


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