We're heading on holiday this weekend, to the Belgian countryside. We're so goddamn authentic, we even booked ourselves into a private cottage on a working farm. The promise of fresh air, sunshine and breakfast with free range eggs had me swooning. I was going to make flower wreath headdresses for the girls and we would lay and look at cloud formations. In my mind it looked a little something like this.
We're not off to a good start. The girls, despite all their charms, are becoming fire breathing dragons before my eyes. The whining, my ears are bleeding. It is a chorus out of tune and there is no sign of intermission. But I digress. We're going to have a good time!!! With your help!

What are your go-to tricks for taking trips with kids? What do you pack? Is it Raffi on the radio for 3 hours straight? Is it just a simple matter of giving up the image in your head and letting whatever is going to happen, happen?

Any advice is appreciated. At the moment my visual is one of a padded barrel heading over Niagara Falls. I'd really prefer the original, pastoral one though. Sigh.
19/7/2012 09:51:23 pm

Kids are always bad as you get ready to do something fun, for them.
I keep our truck stocked with crayons, stickers, paper, colouring books and cushy laptop pads that they use on their laps, you know the ones? The cool kids had them to do their homework on when we were kids. I wasn't one of them.
But yes, giving up that image is the first step. In trip planning and life.

20/7/2012 06:01:06 am

I survived road trips with my children by putting one in the front seat and the other in the back. That worked until they discovered the word "shotgun"

20/7/2012 06:04:19 am

Before strict child seating laws, clearly. You guys had it easy. Your parents had it even easier. Parenting just gets harder with each generation.

21/7/2012 04:05:16 am

I agree with Katie, children seem to sense the stress you are in when packing and make it worse. Do you still have the games and acitivities that I sent in the girl's back packs for the plane ride last September? They would all be good for the car ride, in a restaurant or anywhere the girls need to be amused.
You can also download stories such as Pete the Cat.
Have fun, I'm sure the preparation will all be worth it when you get there.


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