I like little Waterford.  It's simple.  It's pretty.  It's familiar.  The streets are right where you left them over a decade ago.  After visiting my old friend Kim for the day,  Claudia asked "Can I move to Waterford when I'm a grown up?  I like it here."    It's a charming town, made more so with the addition of this little chap right here.
Little Gavin is bound to steal hearts.  Big brother Ike probably doesn't have any trouble doing so either.
I love being able to pick up where one left off.  The best part of our trip home has been catching up with friends and family.  The interesting thing is how easily we can slide right back into our comfort zones with each other.  It makes it
feel like we've never been apart.
This is the part where my Mom says "It's because we Skype five times a day."

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