Claudia has become a budding blog nerd. Every day she asks, "Can I work on my entry??" And then bats her lashes and clasps her hands together, ever so sweetly. Here is tonight's stream of consciousness. 
My chocolate is very yummy. And very sweet. 
I got it from Carnival, and that's not very funny. Well, just chewed up it's not very funny.

But Carnival is the funniest day in the land. 
This is a funny funny entry.
But mittens are funnier. 

(Can you tell that she's currently high on chocolate?)

My moon chocolate looks very cute. I liked Carnival a lot, especially when I got moon chocolate, chocolate coins and a postcard with chocolate on it. 

Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate.
Grandma Theresa
18/2/2013 06:08:49 am

I have mittens, they have yellow stripes and black stripes. When people see me wearing my mittens they ask me if I think I'm a tiger and I say no, I'm a grandma not a tiger! Mittens can be very very funny!
I hope you saved me some chocolate!! xoxo

20/2/2013 03:44:57 am

What chocolate?!?

Grandma Theresa
20/2/2013 04:36:46 am

You didn't save me any chocolate??!!?? Guess that means you owe me TWO hugs when I get there!! xoxo

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