If there is any upside to being sick in bed, it must be the shameless amount of "me time" one is entitled to. I have owned this book for a while now, but was intimidated by the 700+ pages that I would have to commit to. I am sorry that I put it off for as long as I did.
Freedom follows the lives of the Berglunds, beginning first with a glimpse into their lives as a young family in a rapidly gentrifying neighbourhood in the Midwest. But the novel doesn't dwell there. It swiftly moves from era to era, richly describing the individuals whose lives you are entitled to share in. 
The empathy you feel is not mostly pleasant, but engrossing and familiar in some form. Whether it be the intensity of teenage love, the necessity of reassurance, or just wondering what your place in the world is, there are striking moments of truth within this book. 
As I closed the cover at the end, I gave Aaron my "it was so good!" voice, usually reserved for buttered popcorn. I want to feel that all over again. So please, give me your recommendations. I'm desperate for anything written in English, so that should give you a lot of help in suggesting a book for me to read next. And in turn I suggest Freedom, by Jonathan Franzen.
19/6/2012 03:29:16 am

I Know This Much Is True by Wally Lamb
Beach Music by Pat Conroy - did I already lend that to you? It's missing.
Anything by Pat Conroy, actually.
Anne Tyler is one of my favourites, and Maeve Binchy is where I go for easy reads, just sweet Irish stories.

19/6/2012 04:58:29 am

read that one I left behind for you, 'Major Pettigrew's Last Stand'. it's already sitting there in your house! I promise you'll like it :)


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