I'm going to let you in on a little secret I have. I love the Netherlands, if for no other reason than the culinary awesomeness that is The Bitterballen. Nothing is better than sitting on a patio with a beer in one hand and a plate full of crunchy goodness in front of you. Soft on the inside, and crackling on the outside, these are the be all and end all of croquettes. We chose a mix of vegetable filled and ham filled, complete with spicy dipping sauce on the side. It is the perfect bar food. 
At SAM SAM in Enschede.
16/6/2012 00:26:13

I don't know, the Bitter Balls were truly amazing but I think the Dutch Target really did it for me, let's please go back!!

17/6/2012 22:05:50

Gawd Tara .... you CAN'T toss those pictures at us without the recipe!! Get to it! Find it!

17/6/2012 22:15:43

I think I would need to start some torrid affair with a dutchman, cozy up to his Oma and then steal the recipe off of her. But I'll do it. Mark my words.

19/6/2012 14:50:38

Torrid or sordid? I just like to pretend to know what I'm saying.

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