I can't finish posting about Canada with an ode to whining about my age.  These two beauties make sure that I keep things in check, and appreciate each day for what it is.  
My smiling niece, Charlotte.  She's kind of perfect.

I was lucky to come home at the same time that a benefit dinner was being held for my early childhood friend Michelle.  Michelle's sister Monica and I have been attached at the hip since I was born, and have seen each other through a lot.  Last summer, Michelle suffered a heart attack while at work and was unconscious for twenty minutes before she received CPR.  She was 23.  She remained in a coma for months in hospital.  When she regained consciousness, the injuries to her brain had became apparent.  She is going down a long road to recovery.  Eager to help in every way, her friends organized the most amazing evening in her honour, a "Celebration of Life".  Michelle had never looked more beautiful.  
That is Michelle in the centre of family and friends who love her.  Happiness and optimism belongs to all of us.  No matter what we've been through, or what we have yet to see. Your outlook changes with a smile.  
4/4/2012 05:24:48 am

Thankyou. Xo


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