A normal check list for the beach might, at the very least, consist of a warm and sunny day. Instead, we went for moody and grey, and were nevertheless rewarded. Banff and neighbouring MacDuff, are the cutest little coastal towns. And at less than an hour's drive away, a perfect little getaway. This will be our go-to place for visitors, because our day went something like this.
Arrive at the coast, unbuckle, and emerge from the foggy car. Beam when your youngest says, in her most sincere voice, "Mommy, it's smells like yummy yummy water!" because it really does. Drag your pregnant ass down to the shore, over a bed of rocks, just to get splashed by a rogue wave. Gather far too many rocks, because they're all wet and glistening like crystals, you can't help yourself. Then pile back into the car, take a quick jaunt down the road and arrive at the mansion that says you're welcome for tea. 
We make sure to walk around like we own the place afterward, but soon we're back in our car, heading home.  That's when the girls burst out into whines because we didn't let them go swimming, or build a sandcastle, or have ice cream ...
20/3/2013 03:21:08 am

I love beaches in the winter! And tea at a mansion - sounds divine. Your little girls are lucky!

20/3/2013 04:33:28 am

I have to keep myself in check and make sure I don't complain too much of the weather!

20/3/2013 03:25:37 am

I have to agree your day sounded fantastic :)

20/3/2013 04:34:12 am

It really was a nice day, I loved it there.

20/3/2013 05:49:41 am

Deja vu but I'm surprised you didn't take your shoes off and go wading. I'm glad you are finding places to visit. We'll look forward' to visiting them when we come come over to Scotland


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