I took a break from writing while we were visiting family and friends in Canada for the final leg of summer. So much news came our way while we were over, I couldn't have expected it. Here is an update.

Still recovering from my rotten appendix, the nausea didn't cease with a change in scenery. I spent the first week in Canada essentially asleep on my mother's couch. When Gravol, Pepto Bismol, and some high dosage of B vitamins didn't help, I did the next logical step and bought a pregnancy test. Full disclosure* I take a pregnancy test nearly once a month because I don't ovulate and therefore don't menstruate. It's always been slightly heartbreaking each time the test shows up negative and I realize that my body is a wonky mess that doesn't want to change.

But since change is the word of the day, and I didn't think my Mom had quite enough grey hairs on her head, the test was positive. Holy fuck, the test was positive. Quick run down of all the thoughts: Holy fuck (again), 3, 3! kids, and a contract in Germany that was soon enough going to expire. Aaron does this cute little thing with his face where he kind of smiles, but not really. It's a puppet smile essentially, a narrow, horizontal line where you don't know if there are any teeth, or emotion behind those lips. He stayed like that for a week.

And then! Scotland came calling! 

Dear Dr. Tikuisis,

We heard that you haven't smiled in a week and we would like to put your mind at ease. We would like to offer you a permanent position at the University of Aberdeen. If this pleases you, please give your wife a hug and let us know as soon as possible. The job starts in May.

Professor MacMac.

And magically, everything was right again in the world. Except that my new position and his new position have identical due dates. Which means that new baby will be born in Scotland and trump us all with EU citizenship. And an adorable accent.

p.s. I left our camera cable-do-hickey-thing-a-ma-bob in Canada, so I'm waiting to upload a bunch of pictures from the past month. Will try not to procrastinate too much on that one. Try. 
10/10/2012 03:27:15 am

I thought you left your camera cable-do-hickey-thing-a-ma-bob in Germany, no?

11/10/2012 02:12:10 am

Little baby will have EU citizenship but he'll only see the sun shine once a year when you bring him back to his Mommy's homeland for a visit. Poor little one will be like a Mexican who's never seen snow. But his accent will be adorable!

13/7/2013 07:45:41 pm

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