Dear Lord.  It has been a crazy month of searching this little town of Münster for an apartment.  We found one, we lost one.  We saw some, we wished we hadn't.  And then, I fell in love.  
German apartments rarely come fitted with a kitchen.  I don't mean that appliances aren't included, I mean NOTHING is included.  The entire kitchen, cabinets and all, are often stripped when the old renter moves on to their new place.  We walked into at least five apartments where the kitchen is nothing but a plumbing part for your sink.  A sink that you're going to buy in a German DIY store, if only you can remember how to say "sink" in German.  But you can't, and you will leave close to tears.  
My new love was no exception.  It was a half way renovated top floor flat in a historic building, in a historic neighbourhood, with a chocolate shop out the front door. We made a deal with the devil (not Claudia, but her older, meaner brother) and agreed to finish the renovations if they would guarantee that we could have the place.  And that is where we now stand.  My mathematically inclined husband has agreed to install flooring into a sensitive apartment and we're on the lookout for mineral paint so the exterior walls can breath - owner's orders.  If there are any men out there who want an all expense paid trip to Germany in exchange for finishing our flooring once Aaron gets started on it, let me know.  It will inevitably save us money and quite possibly a marriage.  Deadly serious over here.
"Before" pictures coming up later today.
30/10/2011 02:22:25 am

How bizarre. I was telling your brother on Friday about the place. He asked if you wanted him to go over and install the floor. Serendipidy.

30/10/2011 10:19:15 am

Aaron will really pay someone to fly out and help? Why doesn't he pay someone there? I'm still not sure I believe that he's going to pay someone, anyone. The thought of it is making me feel weird and confused. Excited for pics, I'm sure I will see all the potential you see!

Tasha and Bob
30/10/2011 11:19:05 am

Are you serious on needing someone to do the floors cause if so with a little well needed information. Bob is more then willing to help out ..He say's Don't pay me just get me the fuck away from my regural job !!!!! :) Flooring isn't easy when you don't know how to do it right and have 2 little kids running around the apartment. So please do get in touch. Need a date-( A MUST NEEDED AHEAD OF TIME) information on supples. Also find out what the prices are out there for floor coverings (hardwood) there is a good chance it could be cheaper for bob to get it and ship it out?! All depending on DATE's a must needed. CHEERS get in tounch asap. love's ya's. Happy to here about the apartment :)

30/10/2011 05:25:11 pm

We would pay someone here, and likely will, but it would be more fun to have someone come out here and help - and cost the same. Katie, are you saying that you will come lay floors??? Cause that would be cool.
Tasha, if Bob can get a passport together then absolutely we would bring him out. Shipping would take a really long time though, and we need to get the floors in before the end of November. The prices here don't seem that bad. Let me know though! Aaron even said, "I wish we had a Bob here".

31/10/2011 07:23:48 am

this is so exciting, great news guys! I'm glad all your apartment hunting has paid off. there better be a room for guests :) looking forward to the photos. hugs & kisses to our girls please!


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