In our tiny social circle, we're known as harbingers of disease. If you have a cold, it's probably our fault. If we have a cold, you stay away and double lock your doors. We've accepted this. 

When Aaron had a scratchy throat, he stopped kissing me. When Claudia got a runny nose, she wiped it on my arm. I got sick. Really sick. 

I am not a stoic lady, by any means. I cry and moan and want the world to know just how shitty I feel, and the injustice of it all. Yesterday was Father's Day in Canada. Luckily though, not in Germany. So I didn't have to suffer much guilt at employing Aaron as my on-call nurse. 

Throughout the course of the day we tried many things to get me to shut up. I swallowed a paste of honey, garlic and chilli pepper. I acted like the old man and had a shot of whiskey. I had tea and popsicles. I asked Aaron to put a pillow over my head. Finally, we rigged up a home-made neti pot and drained 500 mL of saline through my nasal passages, took more than the recommended dose of medicine and went to bed.

Folks, I should totally be a doctor. Today I feel fabulous, yesterday a fading memory. I even put a goddamn skirt on and straightened my hair. 

All was well in the world until I looked into the wonders of the neti pot and was hit with the words BRAIN EATING AMOEBA. Okay, we used sterilized water and we're not from Louisiana, but still. I want my cold back.
17/6/2012 10:42:57 pm

Glad you feel better :)

17/6/2012 10:44:39 pm

Physically - better.
Mentally - paranoid.

17/6/2012 11:17:22 pm

You're funny Tara.

I think Charlotte got "the cold' too! Her nose has been a drippy mess all week and she gets real pissed off whenever we try to wipe her face. Sick baby = no fun :(

18/6/2012 01:46:40 am

Of course she did! It was probably just hitching a ride on her blankie, waiting to infect. I'll yell at Aaron for cuddling her so much.

18/6/2012 07:01:34 am

It's true, the Clarkes have been much healthier since the Tikuisis' moved to Germany.


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