So we took the kids to the park on Saturday, when all of a sudden I saw a sailor. Confident that I wasn't dreaming, I looked again and saw that the sailor had an accordion. In no time, I was being serenaded by a German Sailor Trio. 
Novelty aside, these accordion playing sailors were full of shits and giggles. We decided to move on from the spectacle before us, only to come upon another troupe, and another, and another. All along the promenade, bands had gathered. We stopped to listen to a mini orchestra, and decided to find a spot on the grass to listen some more. An hour later and the band played on. Aaron remarked how each musician seemed perfectly suited to their instrument, a fat tuba player, a delicate piccolo player and this guy:
The hat, the sunglasses, goodness gracious. I have it on good authority that the saxophone is cool again, and this might just be the epitome of cool. Don't you think?
*update: Apparently I know what's cool as much as I know my brass instruments. He's playing a trumpet, not a sax. I still like his hat though.
5/6/2012 10:10:03 am

Not that seeing picture after picture after picture of Mini Me isn't a wonderful thing, but I could have sworn you had a second child. Or did she run off with Willy Wonka to his Chocolate Factory and you haven't gotten up the nerve to let us know yet.

5/6/2012 10:20:36 am

Isn't he playing a trumpet?

5/6/2012 05:42:27 pm

hahaha! yes! perhaps I was infatuated with the actual sax player in the background. He was cute!

7/6/2012 02:52:22 am

so simple so fun love it !!!! :)


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