Breastfeeding is my job. The hours are long, my colleague is a mute, and the work really is back breaking. For the past three months, my office has been my bedroom, my bed is my desk. When the older girls come to visit they bring all their shit with them. So then my bedroom is my office is my nightmare. I can't walk for toys underfoot, well meaning scribbles strewn all about, and crackers under the covers. I needed to get out of that place.
I let the higher-ups (Aaron) know that change was about to run wild. The whole establishment was to be altered. The living room needed to start seeing some life in it. The kitchen was crowded and the dining room was desolate, except for three broken suitcases and one lingering moving box. 

Two days on, and it's a whole different work environment. Okay, enough with the long winded metaphor...

I like the house again. The living room sofa is under the window, and like cats we have all gathered to bask in the stream of sunlight. The baby can be found in her play-cot, hopefully sleeping soundly. There may even be a magazine being read. Big gasp. 

The kitchen is EMPTY. No more side stepping around the table to get to the fridge/stove/sink. I've brought a stereo in there, and the whole room is a dance floor. A ballet school, according to Eloise. 

And the dining room? Everyone, welcome back The Metaphor; it's a corner office, with a view.  
confused mom
9/7/2013 12:24:49 am

So if we come and visit we eat on the floor? Cool! Pictures please!!

9/7/2013 02:17:05 am

Hells ya.

9/7/2013 04:03:52 am

What a great idea. The dining room was waiting to be used for eating.
The girls must be having fun in dance class.

10/7/2013 08:57:50 pm

Donna, it looks great! Come back and see!

9/7/2013 07:01:45 am

What size shoes does Weezer wear?

10/7/2013 08:59:55 pm

Seriously, her shoe size is the bane of my existence. I thought they were 8, Mum bought a bunch of sandals and they were teensy tiny. I think she's a UK 10, blessed with my foot girth, unfortunately. Sorry, not very helpful!


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