Today is the first day this week that I haven't felt like a strange slug/sloth hybrid. This baby is kicking my ass, along with taking all my iron. 

One of my first early pregnancy signs was a complete aversion to meat. This hasn't gone away. I need some helpful vegetarian tips as to how I can get more protein and iron into my diet. Throw them at me, please and thanks.

A quick synopsis of my week so far:

Claudia is registered for a school that she will never attend. They KNOW we're moving, yet you still have to register for the term that starts in August. Thanks to Anna for helping me sort this one out.

Aaron is out of town in the middle of the Black Forest. There is literally nothing in this town except for a math centre and a church. He is breathing, eating and sleeping math for 7 straight days. I think this might be his version of heaven. 

I have the children's song "Laterna, Laterna" stuck in my head. Google it and join me. It was the lanternfest at the kindergarten yesterday, and I will show you some pics shortly of what 30+ kids playing with open flames looks like.

Today is Halloween. German tradition is to carve a turnip. I'm leaving now to go search the market for a pumpkin. There are some things I just wont do in the name of cultural integration.

Happy trick or treating cool people!!

31/10/2012 09:26:03 pm

Must be a boy with all that activity. Were the girls active in utero?

31/10/2012 09:34:11 pm

Claudia was as quiet as a church mouse and Eloise was nutty.
Either way, we get to find out soon!!

1/11/2012 04:37:32 am

When DO we find out??! So excited!

1/11/2012 06:27:23 pm

We find out if Katie's right in about two weeks!

1/11/2012 10:28:16 am

We already know, it's a boy!
What kind of veggie recipes are you interested in? I'll send you my latest faves.

1/11/2012 06:26:36 pm

Katie! I'm never telling you anything, ever again. ;)

Yes please to all the recipes!


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