Aaron is due to give a talk to the department in a weeks time, and it's customary to bring cake for the attendees.  Which means, actually, that it's customary for the wife to make a cake for the husband to bring for the attendees.  I don't know about men who bake, or men who aren't married, or women who are mathematicians, so we're leaving them out of this equation.  

The first time he gave a talk, he only found out afterwards that he was expected to bring a treat.  Man, was I scolded! (Not really, at all.)  So this week, I've been testing out my baking skills as to not disappoint the department this time around.

Last night I made a Blood Orange Chocolate Ganache Tart, and I will not be serving it to the department.  It is just too fucking special.  It does take forever to prepare, but the reward is worth it.  This is pure chocolate, tempered only with a cup of whipping cream and 4 tablespoons of orange syrup.  If you don't like dark chocolate, or chocolate and orange, you're not going to like this. But if you do, oh goodness.  Watch out.
After chopping up two bars of dark chocolate, I re-read the recipe and sent Aaron out for two more.  Meanwhile, a sliced orange simmered in a simple syrup for over an hour, turning itself into the best candy ever.  I've become more comfortable with pastry since making my Babcia's Cherry Tarts back in early fall, so the tart shell came together nicely and just silently waited to be filled. 

I heated a pot of whipping cream to boiling and drowned my chocolate pieces in it, stirring to melt.  I arranged the orange slices over the bottom of the tart shell, and added the left-over syrup to the chocolate ganache.  Then it was a simple pour into the shell, topped with a candied orange slice. All that was left to do was exercise an exceeding amount of patience until the tart set up.  

The recipe is from the Australian blog Jeroxie.
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8/2/2012 04:13:23 am

The pictures are amazing! You make me proud :) xoxoxo

8/2/2012 04:41:04 am

Mmm looks so Yummy !

8/2/2012 09:00:45 am

It look so good. I think you should become a chef as well as a food photographer when you grow up.

9/2/2012 05:51:53 am

This look's so super yummy Tara. Wow you did such a good job. Your baking skills have gotten amazing Tara I must say. (not that they weren't good aready!) I should do more baking befor I fall behind. Can't wait for all of us grown up ladies to get together and do so hard core baking, tasting, with some sip's of goodness. Aaron you better thank her like you wouldn't believe..... As you get to taste all these yummy threats. We the reader's get to drool over picture's :o) Much love, take care miss ya's.

10/2/2012 02:44:03 am

So then what are you going to make for the talk? Did Aaron share any of the cake with you?

10/2/2012 03:22:21 am

I pulled a Katie and sliced it in half and delivered it to quite promptly to Anna's house. Cinnamon pull-a-parts, maybe? I have a whole boring weekend to decide. Any suggestions?

12/2/2012 04:16:08 pm

if i was better in rhyming i would surely leave something that incorporates the words sublime heavenly marvelous divine and elevated to praise this chocolate confectionairy dream come true.
but i am not.

and if i ever was to open this café or whatever you'd be my first choice baker!
and when ottoline is 2, we send her to boarding school and embark on a shop mission. you simply stay in münster.
easy, if you send aaron with this cake they will never let him go anyway.

Laura C
14/2/2012 03:53:19 am

If I wasn't terrified of baking, I would try this myself. I am drooling as we speak. I LOVE chocolate and orange!

26/2/2012 12:57:01 am

Oh Laura - you can do this!! It's hardly baking! If the pastry puts you off, try searching for "pat in the pan" tart shell recipes. No rolling, no stress. And from there it's just simmering and melting. Do it!!


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