My level of maturity is being tested, and I'm failing  miserably. We're in talks to buy a car from a man whose name is straight out of a Simpson's episode. Keep your fingers crossed, if we don't get it then I'm really going to be stuck in the country. And that's no good for anybody. 
Step One: Take train to Amsterdam, where you will board ship to the UK.
Edit: Said train derails (or maybe something less dramatic), leaving us stranded in Oberhausen, no where near Amsterdam.
Step Two: Totally screwed. This ship won't wait for our little party of four. Unless some really really kind woman who works for D-BAHN decides at the last minute to voucher us a taxi to Arnheim, where we can catch a train to Amsterdam and catch the ship 


And so began our voyage overseas. OK, just the North Sea, but you catch my drift. 

After 30 hours of travelling we arrived in Old Deer, Scotland, where we rested our weary heads until the morning when we picked up our house keys. Lack of heating, cut telephone wires, and a dancing washing machine later, we're somewhat settled. Meaning only that there is only 77 and a half boxes still to go through, as opposed to the gazillion we started out with. 
One train ride and two packs of bubble gum later, Claudia is a pro! I, likely, just have cavities.
And ... We're home!